Why this page?

When I tested BY3604+ with my FTDNA BigY back in May 2016, we were just 4 kits at Ytree who had tested BY3604+

BY3604 has since grown steadily and through mailing with close and distant matches, we have gained some interesting insights in the possible history of BY3604 – insights that are not visible from sites like FTDNA, Ytree or Yfull.

It is therefore my aim to share this information with all BY3604 testers – past, present and future – in order for this valuable knowledge to be shared and not forgotten.

Should you in any way feel, that I am sharing information that you would like to stay confident, do not hesitate to contact me and I will remove any information that you find unsuitable for publishing. But please remember, that it is only by sharing that we all get insight and knowledge. Each little bit of information is another piece of the giant and unfinished jigsaw of the history of BY3604!

Anders Morup-Petersen, Denmark